Sinhala Font Converter

Sinhala Font Converter 1.0

Convert Sinhala Unicode texts to ANSI and vice versa

Perform conversion operations on Sinhala Unicode text-based content. Select or type in the text and automatically process it to generate the symbols in ANSI structures. The utility also performs conversions from ANSI to Sinhala, Sinhala Unicode to FM Abhaya, etc.

Sinhala Font Converter is intended for converting Singlish to Sinhala in Unicode font. It comes in handy for writing official documents as the use of Singlish (English-based creole language used in Singapore) is not approved.

The program is very easy to use. Its main screen has various tabs: Singlish and Convert. Thus, by switching to the Singlish tab, you can simply type or paste any text or load a text file in Singlish and get an instant conversion of it into Sinhala. Then, the resulting text can be saved into a simple text file (TXT) or copied to the clipboard, ready for pasting in other programs. Moreover, you can switch to the Convert tab in order to convert Sinhala Unicode text into other font types, including FM-Abhaya and FM-Bindumathi. Likewise, the tool lets you convert in the opposite direction, that is, other fonts into Unicode, like Iskoola Pota or Nirmala.

All in all, Sinhala Font Converter provides users of Singlish with the possibility of getting a Sinhala text very quickly. Luckily, it is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience. Just as a wish: it would be good if it integrated with text editors, for instance, by allowing to convert text via the contextual menu. This product is opensource and available at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports various font types
  • Does not need an Internet connection
  • Produces instant results


  • Does not support output file types other than TXT
  • Better integration with text editor is preferred
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